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Excerpts From Documents

'Excerpts From Documents' is a universal program for creating extracts from official documents
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6 August 2014

Editor's review

This program helps create extracts from documents to be used for reference.

Excerpt From Documents is a program for creating extracts from official documents. You could easily extract parts of documents like an extract from the local development plan, an extract from the notarial deed, an extract from the register of land and buildings, etc. you can create a list of people to whom these extracts are to be distributed. Sections of the discharge could be defined through the copy-paste. Individual sections of the discharge can be assigned additional information. These may be something like sequence number, name, date, etc. Drop down menus could also be added. The program has customizable fields to let it suit your needs. You can scan the referred documents into a database. Unlimited storage can be supported, and thus the database can be really large. Each of these records could be printed out if required. Import and export of documents are possible in CSV format.

It is possible to make phone calls directly from the program. Same is possible for emails. Printing on envelopes can be managed. It works with a barcode reader. Multiple databases are supported. The program worked in a networked mode. Search capabilities are quite sophisticated. The tool offers an easy to use interface. Most users should be able to get going quite easily. The interface makes quick data entry possible. The records in the database could have notes attached to them. A vital feature of backup and restore is offered. Like many shareware programs, lifetime updates are assured once you purchase the license. This is a good product.

Publisher's description

When you buy a license for the 'Excerpts From Documents' reference the following benefits:
- Easily define sections of the discharge through the mechanism of copy-paste
- You will create a list of people who received the extract
- Easily create an extract from a document or register
- Assign any information to individual sections of the discharge (eg, sequence number, name, date, etc. ..)
- With customizable fields customize the program to suit your needs
- Ability to customize field names and drop down menu to your individual needs
- The ability to scan documents and save them in a database
- Ability to make phone calls directly from the program
- Ability to Import / Export records to format. CSV (Excel)
- Ability to print the information sheet for each record in the database
- Easy to install - installation file is only 6 MB
- Easy to use user interface, designed for fast data entry
- Support for multiple databases
- Networking
- Collaborate with barcode reader
- Create printing on envelopes
- Sending e-mails directly from the program
- Cooperation with portable drives
- Unlimited storage database
- Advanced search capabilities and group information
- Notes - can be assigned to any record
- Backup / Restore
- Program works with all modern Windows operating systems (Win XP/2003/Win2008/Win 7/Win 8 Pro)
- Cooperation with the base file-server and SQL
- Customizable fields - they can be assigned any name
- Quick data input through keyboard shortcuts
- Ability to sort the data after any field
- Trouble-free operation for many years
- Automatic updates
- Much more!
Excerpts From Documents
Excerpts From Documents
Version 14.0.1
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